IT scripts are either object oriented programming symbols that are used in the invisible platforms of an electronic machine, or wording that facilitates the utility of processes that are visible on interfaces. They are used to perform many applications using shortcuts that have already been programmed for that particular utility. For example, there are icons that are made specifically as a set of commands for configuring the work of a printer. There are others that are involved in guiding the opening, operations and closing of accounts that are created on the computers such as file systems. Scipts can run from the local computer or from websites.

While many of these intelligible commands are basic, there are others that can be more specialized and unique to a particular computer, a local network or website. These are modifications of those provided by the operational systems that are tailored to make the peculiar work that is done on these computers easier to manage that when using universal characters. For example, users who sell goods from their website domain name over the Internet can develop commands that are fashioned around that particular product so that it can configure more easily the task that it has been given. An excel sheet that has been customized, for example, may compute accounts without involving tedious manual work.

IT scripts are important in performing administrative duties pertaining to a data machine. Those that are object oriented can be able to know guide how the machine processes its data in a systematic and repetitive manner. They also record everything to the registry where it can be accessed easily to set the system right.

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